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Fertility's Legal Issues

Advances in assisted reproductive technology have multiplied options for people wanting to have a baby. But the law has not kept up with the science. The new legal and ethical frontiers of modern parenthood.More

Considering Future Contact With Your Egg Donor

Choosing an egg donor is an exciting process and one that deserves a considerable amount of thought. Beyond the genetic traits, however, it is crucial to consider from the beginning whether you want an anonymous or known egg donor. This choice is one that will greatly impact the life of you and your future child(ren) and one that should be reflected in your Egg Donation Agreement.More

Surrogacy Issues for Non-U.S. Intended Parents

Family Building Options for the LGBT Community

The Fertility Race: Two Men and a Baby

THERE ARE NO STATISTICS on how many gay men are producing children through surrogacy. Ray Drew, head of Gay and Lesbian Parenting Coalition International, a US-based support and advocacy group, says America is in the midst of a "Gay-by Boom." He says most are the children of lesbians and sperm donors, or of gay men who have arranged with female relatives or friends to conceive a child through artificial insemination. But Drew estimates that a thousand or more children have been born through arrangements involving in vitro fertilization and surrogates.More

My Two Dads, My Two Moms: Insights on Gay and Lesbian Family Building

It’s a palpable longing, the one for a house full of kids and all the trappings of parenthood. It’s powerful. Perhaps the desire is one you’ve had ever since you were a kid. Maybe the family pangs are of recent vintage, snagging you when your friends, siblings, neighbors or third cousins once removed started having broods of their own.More

Parentage, Adoption, and Child Custody

This material is reproduced from California Domestic Partnerships copyright 2005, by the Regents of the University of California. Reproduced with permission of Continuing Education of the Bar - California. The book was the winner of the 2006 ACLEA Award for Professional Excellence in the Best Publication Category, and may be purchased from CEB at: California Domestic Partnerships. (For information about CEB publications in general, telephone toll free 1-800-CEB-3444 or visit CEB's website,

Triplets' surrogate mom fights to keep baby boys

After Danielle Bimber gave birth Nov. 19 to the triplets she had carried as a surrogate mother, she was anticipating going home to her own three children in Corry, Erie County...More

Is this Egg worth $50,000?

A first-ever peek inside the secret sorority of brainy, beautiful women who are making infertile couples' baby dreams come true–for a price.More

Baby Boom: The $50,000 Egg

Gay couples use surrogates to help grow families

Elizabeth Nila knows the child she's carrying isn't hers. She also knows who the fathers are -- both of them. Nila is acting as a surrogate mother for Will Halm and Marcellin Simard, a gay couple who have lived together for 12 years. More