Surrogacy Law

If you are planning to become a parent with the help of a Surrogate, Reproductive Law Center can help you. Our practice is focused on providing legal services for assisted reproductive law and family formation (parental rights law).

Our expert team of attorneys can provide you with highly skilled, confidential legal services that will formalize your parental rights and maintain your privacy. We will be there to support and advise you through the entire legal process. Our decades of experience and proven track record of success in all aspects of surrogacy law will provide you with the legal protections essential to bringing a new child into your family.

We also provide legal services and advice when a Egg or Embryo Donor is needed in addition to a surrogate; for more information on this, please see our page on egg and embryo donation law. For our clients who reside outside the United States, we are committed to supporting you in the additional legal steps to complete the Surrogacy and Egg or Embryo Donor processes.

Reproductive Law Center can help you by:

  • Drafting or providing legal review of surrogacy agreements

  • Drafting release letters required by physicians and agencies assisting in surrogacy

  • Coordinating with your surrogacy agency throughout the process

  • Providing Fund Management services for your surrogacy

  • Where state law permits, file court proceedings to establish your parental rights and have your names placed on the original birth certificate when your child is born. In states where this cannot be done, we can help you by bringing post-birth court proceedings to establish your rights to your baby 

  • Providing proper legal notice to the hospital and surrogate, ensuring that the birth certificate is completed according to court order

  • Acting as a liaison between state and county vital records offices to streamline the birth registry process

  • Assisting international clients through coordination with an attorney in their country of origin

  • Providing all other related legal services and legal representation that may be needed to help you establish parental rights to your baby


All communications between Reproductive Law Center and our clients are secret and confidential by the law of attorney-client privilege, which is valid throughout the United States. To represent you, we must first have a written attorney-client agreement; then we can exchange confidential information freely.

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We accept referrals from assisted parents, from egg donor, embryo donor, and surrogacy agencies, from physicians, psychologists, and attorneys, and from other interested persons. Our law offices are fully equipped with highly trained paralegal and administrative staff to assist in serving our clients. We offer single-price, all-inclusive service packages or reasonable hourly fees. Your initial consultation is free.