Egg Donation
Egg donation law

We provide the necessary legal assistance and advice at every step and offer complete confidentiality.

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Surrogacy Law

Our highly specialized procedures protect your privacy and ensure that you obtain all legal rights to your baby.

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Parental Rights
Parental Rights Law

We can help you establish your parental rights through parentage judgments, co-parenting agreements, co-parent adoptions, and family planning documents.

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Sperm Donor
Sperm donor law

We provide all legal services and advice needed for you to become a parent through sperm donation.

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Our National Network of experienced attorneys provide legal assistance in all areas of Reproductive Law.

If you are planning to become a parent through surrogacy, egg donation, embryo donation, sperm donation, or a co-parenting adoption, Reproductive Law Center can help you. Our national network of experienced attorneys are on the forefront of creating and expanding law in the United States. Reproductive Law Center remains current and relevant on the state of U.S. and international law in the areas of surrogacy and reproductive rights. We provide the cutting edge services in reproductive law needed to give you full legal rights to your baby while protecting your privacy.

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Reproductive Law Center is committed to providing you and your family with extraordinary legal support in all aspects of family formation. We routinely assist clients from both the United States and abroad.

Nationwide & International Legal Services

We have skilled, experienced attorneys available nationwide and serve potential parents throughout the United States. We also routinely assist Nationwide Legal Services parents coming to the United States from other countries, and assist in obtaining apostilled documents and passports for international newborns.

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About the Reproductive Law Center

Our law practice is dedicated to assisted reproductive law and family formation (parental rights) law. RLC We serve all types of potential parents, including those with non-traditional families. Our attorneys have created contractual provisions that protect all parties to assisted reproductive law and co-parenting and have adapted these protective documents to comply with laws throughout the United States.

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Confidentiality Provided

We routinely assist potential parents who have high public profiles or other special needs for confidentiality through our well-defined, legally approved procedures that protect assisted parents and preserve their privacy. We welcome referrals from agencies, physicians and Confidentiality medical clinics, and attorneys in other areas of practice, and we handle allreferrals with the greatest care and respect for confidentiality.

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